Spray Tanning

Spray Tanning

We offer a choice of Top Brand Spray Tans, so the choice is yours.

We have Suntana Spray Tan, available in 3 natural shades (light, medium and dark), developing in 8 hours, and St. Tropez Express Tan which develops in a superfast 1-3 hours, depending on how dark you would like your tan to be.

Suntana Spray Tan comes in 3 different shades and unique fragrances, coconut, cherry and chocolate for a more pleasant smell than other spray tans.

Our Spray Tans are 100% natural looking golden brown (not orange!). The colour fades evenly and lasts longer than other brand spray tans.

Whether you are looking for a lovely sun kissed glow or a deep bronzed tan, our Spray Tans will give you a 100% natural result that you will be delighted with.

With over 10 years experience in the Tanning business we can offer you top quality, professional, natural looking spray tans that you will not be disappointed with.

Suntana Spray Tan £20.00
St.Tropez Express Spray Tan £25.00

Suntana Spray Tan - Coconut

Cool Coconut is our Light Spray Tan for a light natural golden glow.


Suntana Spray Tan - Cherry

Hot Cherry is our Medium Spray Tan for a natural holiday golden tan.


Suntana Spray Tan - Chocolate

Dark Chocolate is our Darkest Spray Tan for that tropical tan. Deep dark and golden

Spray tanning

When you come in for your Spray Tan you will be asked to fill in a form about any medications you may be on, and just some general questions for our information. You will then be taken to our private Spray Tan room where you will be given disposable underwear, a hair net and sticky feet to protect areas not wanting to be sprayed. When you are ready our beautician will apply barrier cream to the feet, fingers and nails,and other places that are prone to over absorption, like elbows and knees. You will then be guided to stand in various positions so our beautician can ensure a perfectly even and natural tan.

Below is our Spray Tan advice sheet, before and after care.